Five Tips to Make the Most out of Your Next Costco Run

Costco fans know it’s the place to load up on laundry detergent, paper towels and nut butter, and now that the wholesale club is reopening their food courts and bringing back their beloved free samples, our shopping trips will be even better. We may be standing six feet apart, but things will slowly be getting back to business as usual at Costco. And to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and economically-friendly, try these tips on your next trip.

  • Fill up at the food court first- Costco’s famous food courts are opening back up slowly and they’re a cheap place to fuel up for your shopping trip. We’ve learned the hard way that we tend to buy more when food shopping on an empty stomach.
  • Enjoy the free samples, but make sure you really want them before you buy- We recently told you that Costco’s samples would be back this month with some new rules and shoppers are excited about the news. But even though we love to test out new products for free, we don’t need to fill our carts with purchases we don’t really need. But if you sample something you really love and you’re still thinking about it after you finish shopping, then treat yourself and pick it up on your way to check out.
  • Be reasonable with bulk buys- Sure, buying in bulk almost always makes the cost per unit cheaper, but if you buy everything in bulk, you may end up with too many perishable items to eat before they go bad. Before you stock up on frozen items, make sure you have freezer space and remember that the quality of things like olive oil dwindles over time.
  • Sometimes brand names are better values- Kirkland brand items are often great bargains, but sometimes at Costco, brand name products, like shampoo and coffee, can be cheaper than Kirkland.
  • Don’t take the scenic route- The more time you’re in the store, the more likely you are to add things to your cart that you don’t need. Avoid this by sticking to your list to get the items you came for and not wandering the aisles to see what’s there. It’ll make your trip quicker and your receipt shorter.

Source:She Knows

Photo: Getty Images

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