Experts Ranked Activities Based on Their Coronavirus Risk

Man Walking in the Forest. Redwoods National Park, USA.

How risky was the stuff you did over Fourth of July weekend? A group of infectious disease experts ranked a bunch of activities by how risky they are.

They looked at four key factors: Is it in an enclosed space? How long do you interact with other people? Are there crowds? And is there "forceful exhalation," meaning things like yelling or singing . . .

1. Low risk: 

*Staying home

*Walking, running, or biking

*Having a socially distanced picnic

*Picking up takeout or getting groceries.

2. Low to medium risk: 

*Grocery shopping

*Retail shopping

*Playing "distanced" sports outside like tennis or golf.

3. Medium risk: 

*Outdoor restaurants


*Taking a taxi or Uber

*A doctor or dentist appointment

*Visiting an E.R.

4. Medium to high risk: 

*Exercising at a gym

*Working in an office

*Indoor restaurants and coffee shops

*Ggetting your hair or nails done.

5. High risk: 

*Indoor parties

*Contact sports

*Bars and nightclubs

*Public transportation



*Religious services

*Movie theaters

*Live sporting events. 


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