The Highest Paying Jobs That Don't Require A College Degree

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For many people, the most important thing about a job is the paycheck. In a lot of cases, a college degree is required to make the big bucks but there are some jobs where that’s just not the case.

24/7 Wall Street has just come out with their list of the Highest Paying Jobs without a College Degree and out of the top ten jobs you are guaranteed top make at least $70,000 a year.

The top spot went to transportation, storage, and distribution managers who make almost $103,320 a year, but here are the other jobs you can always consider doing without getting a degree:

  1. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers
  2. Commercial pilot
  3. Nuclear power reactor operators
  4. First-line supervisors of police and detectives
  5. Athletes and sports competitors
  6. Power distributors and dispatchers
  7. Captains, mates, and pilots of water vessels
  8. First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers
  9. Detectives and criminal investigators
  10. Gambling managers

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