What Was Your "15 Minutes of Fame"?

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You know the old cliché that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes in their life? What was your moment?

People on Reddit are sharing their "15 minutes of fame," and the answers are just about right: Fairly minor, temporary, fleeting moments of fame that went away as fast as they came. Here are some of the highlights . . .

1. "I was on the news when I fell down a ravine and had to be rescued. News stations, helicopters, the whole shebang."

2. "I'm the waitress walking between tables whenMartin Freeman is doing karaoke in [the movie] 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot'."

3. "I was a little baby, my parents [took me] to Sea World and they sat me on a chair eating a banana. The big screen kept cutting to me and the audience would go 'Awwww.'"

4. "The entire neighborhood came to the house to see why an ambulance arrived. It was just me stuck in the washing machine during a competitive game of hide and seek."

5. "I had a comment on YouTube get 100,000 likes."

6. "I played the role of 'pervy manager' in an HR video that was used for years for a major corporation." 

I was trying to think of what my 15 minutes of fame would be...my mind kept going back to 2016. Our iHeart Country Festival in Austin, TX was aired that year on NBC and I was the female voice narrating the broadcast. It was really exciting!!

What's your 15 minutes of fame?


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