How To Prep Your Dog For Post-Quarantine Separation

Even though there doesn't look like an end to coronavirus quarantine is coming anytime soon, pet experts are warning people about pets getting post-quarantine anxiety when the world goes back to normal.

We've been with Tuffy a ton since all this started. I know he's going to have a tough time when it's finally over.

Here are some steps to get your pup ready for a lot more alone time...

Step 1: Separate -At least twice a day for an hour, put your pet in a room (or a crate in a room) and close the door.

Step 2: Separate some more -Extend the alone time from one hour to three to four hours. Try different forms of isolation, such as putting your dog in a crate in the kitchen or tethering her with a leash in the living room.

Step 3: Buy toys -Put your dog’s meals in toys that dispense food when pushed around. This means the dog has something to occupy their time when you’re not around.

Step 4: Bring the noise -Many dogs, particularly in cities, have adjusted to a quieter life with less traffic, shorter walks, and minimal socializing. Translation: Loud car and truck noises and other dogs may freak them out. Reacquaint them. Start by finding an outdoor spot near lots of activity, take a seat, and let your dog watch the world go by. Expect him to need slow reintroductions to dog parks and house guests.


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