2020: Google's Most Popular "How To" Searches


2020 has been a cluster for most everyone.

Google revealed the top ten "how to" video searches so far for 2020 and the most popular search involves figuring out how to use Zoom! I've googled 4 of the 10, how about you? Here are the other most popular searches:

  1. How to use a new software/Zoom
  2. How to get stains out of clothing
  3. Tips and tricks for video games
  4. Make-Up tutorials
  5. How to make a face mask
  6. How to bake cookies
  7. How to get past a specific part of a video games
  8. How to curl your hair
  9. How to poach and egg
  10. How to fix a washing machine

(Google Trends)

Getty Images

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