Miranda Lambert Says Quarantining Is a "Good Test" for Her Marriage

You've probably heard how COVID-19 quarantining and stay-at-home orders have been BAD for SOME relationships . . . with couples suddenly forced into spending ALL their time together.

But MIRANDA LAMBERT is hoping it's a GOOD thing for her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin. They've been married for a year-and-a-half.

She said, quote, "If newlyweds can survive a pandemic then I think we're good . . . it's a good test." She didn't elaborate, so we'll assume that it's been going okay for her and Brendan so far.

Like a lot of people, Miranda said she was cool with the lockdown when it started back in March, but since then, she's become a little anxious.

Quote, "The first month I had a lot of fun. Well, not 'fun,' but I was like, 'Okay, we're off. We'll probably be back on the road in a couple of months.'

"I cooked too much and ate way too much . . . and then I had to roll that back . . . There IS stuff to do, it's just the adjusting of not knowing when I'm going to work again. It's uneasy."

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