*Viral* Kid Bike Wreck In Unison with PHIL COLLINS "IN THE AIR TONIGHT"

PHIL COLLINS is really having a moment.

I've been a fan since I was a kid (my dad LOVES both Genesis and Phil) and even saw him in Vegas with my sisters two years ago. I have the shirt to prove it...

Phil's made it back to the Billboard Charts with a song from the 1980's... which went viral when a couple of kids went a bit nuts after discovering the power of the drum solo on his timeless IN THE AIR TONIGHT...

Well, take a look at this video. Poor kid. He wrecked his bike into these trash cans almost perfect unity with the drum solo breakdown of the song!

Well played. And whomever posted this... great move! Kid, hope you're okay :)

The original.

Photo: Getty Images

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