10 Grocery Items That Are Really Drive up Your Bill

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Anyone who’s gone to the supermarket lately has probably noticed their bill has been much higher than in the past- that’s likely due to the coronavirus crisis. Certain grocery items have gone up drastically in price since it all began, and now a new report reveals which ones are most likely driving up your bill. 

  • According to a recent report, grocery prices went up 4.5% in June as compared to February, the month before the crisis began.
  • Now, 24/7 Wall Street has analyzed changes in the consumer price index from February to June to determine which grocery items have gone up in price the most.
  • Topping the list is beef and veal, with prices increasing 22.7% from February to June, with June being the priciest month. 

Top Ten Food Items Driving Up Your Grocery Bill

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  1. Beef and veal (+22.7%)
  2. Pork chops (+19.8%)
  3. Citrus fruits (+10/3%)
  4. Chicken (+9.4%)
  5. Frankfurters (+8.8%)
  6. Potatoes (+8.7%)
  7. Ham (+8.7%)
  8. Peanut Butter (+7.9%)
  9. Dried beans, peas & lentils (+7.4%)
  10. Canned vegetables (+6.4%)

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