How Your Phone Can Tell When You're Drunk


Next time you go out to a bar, club, or restaurant and want to drink the night away, just know that your phone is secretly spying on your drunk habits!

A new study from Stanford University is claiming that our smartphones are able to detect when someone has had too much to drink by the changes in the owner's walk or gait (walking speed).

The study looked at 22 adults from ages 21-43 and subjects were given mixed drinks to bring their breath alcohol concentration to .20 percent, which was checked each hour for seven hours.

During that time, a smartphone was placed on each participants back, and each hour they were asked to walk a straight line for 10 steps, turn and walk back. Turns out the phones were correct 90% of the time, using changes in gait to identify participants with a BAC over the legal driving limit of .08 percent.

Who knew that our phones were snitching on us the entire time??

(Medical XPress)

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