Are Doing These Things Cheap Or Frugal?

There's a difference between being FRUGAL and being CHEAP. 

Being frugal is a good thing and a sign you're responsible and smart. Being cheap is more of a personality flaw that makes people not want to hang out with you.

A new survey asked people if different ways we save money are frugal or cheap. Here are some highlights . . .

1. Not taking your turn to buy everyone a round of drinks is...CHEAP.

2. Buying generic food products, like Flakes with Frosting, is...FRUGAL.

3. Re-gifting is...CHEAP.

4. Watering down the soap in your soap dispensers is...CHEAP.

5. Not blasting the air conditioning right now is...FRUGAL.

6. Only tipping the minimum amount, whether it's 15 to 20 percent, regardless of how good the service was is...CHEAP.

7. Trying to find deals or coupons for everything you buy is...FRUGAL.

8. Eating expired food is...CHEAP. 

(SWNS Digital)

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