Win Your Very Own Candy Factory From This Scavenger Hunt!

Colorful Jelly Beans

Get ready to go on your own candy scavenger hunt like in Willy Wonka because the founder of Jelly Belly is giving away a key to one of his candy factories in his new contest!

Dave Klein, the founder of Jelly Belly, is launching a "golden ticket treasure hunt" across the country before his retirement and he's leaving golden necklaces in every state and the grand prize winner walks away with their own candy factory.

The contest isn't free as you will have to pay $50 to receive your state's riddle to find your necklace, but even if you don't win the candy factory, there will still be a TON of other prizes.

There also is a gold ticket Facebook group already so if you want to get a head start you might want to join it HERE!

(They could have spent a little money on this video and had someone make it cool, instead this is what they came up with...)

(ABC 7)

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