Papa Murphy’s Searching For ‘America’s Oldest Frozen Pizza’

Happy National Pizza Month! Papa Murphy's want to celebrate it with you by getting rid of your old frozen pizzas!

Starting today Papa Murphy's Pizza has announced its “Search for America’s Oldest Frozen Pizza Sweepstakes." which is essentially aimed towards helping people finding the oldest frozen pizza in their freezer and swapping it out for a fresh pizza.

Papa Murphy's will pick three winners who have the oldest dated pizza in their freezer and each person will receive a one-year-supply of their pizza and a new freezer.

All you have to do to participate is follow Papa Murphy’s on Twitter, take a photo or video with a clear view of your old pizza’s expiration date and post it on Twitter tagging @PapaMurphys and using the hashtags #pizzaexchange and #sweepstakes.

To find out more about the easiest contest for you to enter you can go HERE!


Getty Images

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