Shopping Finds: Amy's 3 Favorite Things Of The Week! (10/2)

I have not been paid to recommend any of these products! Here are three things I'm loving this week! Let's get started...

#1) Magic Root Coverup

Got gray hairs along your part line? Me too. It's not worth it for me to dye my hair for just a few grays- so I get an extra couple weeks in between coloring my hair with this little bottle of magic! Just spray along your root line and the silver is gone until your next wash. A true cosmetic lifesaver for this girl!

Here's the link.

#2) Outdoor, Remote Control Candles

I bought these on Amazon this spring and love them! They're pretty inexpensive so I don't expect them to last forever and I try not to leave them in the rain. They make your outdoor space so cozy! Plus...they're REMOTE CONTROLLED. Hit a button and you've got a softly lit space. You get twelve candles of various sizes for around 25 bucks!

Here's the link.

#3) A Heated Vest

Full disclosure, I haven't bought this yet but it's in my shopping cart and before winter hits, it'll be mine :)

I'm planning to spend a lot of time outside this winter but get cold very easily. A few people have recommended this vest to me and say it's a game changer. Can't wait to try it!

Here's the link.

Have a great weekend, happy shopping!!