"The Price Is Right" Has Figured Out A Way To Return!

The LA Kings Appear On The Price Is Right

"The Price Is Right" is heading back into production for the first time since the initial COVID-19 lockdown...and there will be some changes. For starters, there WON'T be an audience for the first time ever. 

Obviously, they couldn't have 300 people sitting close together, losing their minds.

And unlike other shows, they couldn't do the VIRTUAL audience thing, because there's no way they could've ensured that audience members weren't looking up the prices online.

So, someone could just Google how much Gold Bond healing lotion is, and communicate that to the contestant. Interesting Fact: They couldn't do that before either, because the show didn't allow cell phones in the studio.

But not everything is changing. They figured out ways to do all 77 pricing games while social distancing, so nothing will be lost there.

They also made some changes to the set to keep the contestants, cast, and crew safe, but everyone WILL still spin the wheel . . . they just have to sanitize their hands first, and then the wheel will be sanitized.

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