Kane Brown Called "Fat" By Another Country Artist Motivated Him To Work Out

A couple of weeks ago KANE BROWN posted a clip of himself working out in his driveway, and he challenged a few other artists to do the same. He blamed it on needing something to do before touring starts again. 

But that may not be the full truth. Now he's saying he was motivated after being body-shamed.

Quote, "I work out every day. I have not missed one day. Miss RAELYNN made me hit the gym a little harder. She called me fat one day at a pool party and I was like, 'Oh, okay, alright. Let's see if I'm fat in a couple months.' 

"I had to wait four months for my dumbbells to come in, so now I've quit drinking beer. I only drink water. My goal is to be the most shredded guy in country music."

Kane and his wife Katelyn are pretty tight with RaeLynn, so maybe the comment was a joke, but it sure seems to have motivated him. (Kane talked about this on an episode of CMT's"Off the Road".)

(Country Now)

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