Apply To Get Paid $5,000 To Test Slippers Around Your Home

A leisurewear company in the UK wants to hook you up with $5,000 for testing out their slippers in your home!

Bedroom Athletics is currently looking for a "slipper tester" to try out the brand's new slippers and they're willing to pay the chosen candidate almost $450 for two days a month, which adds up to over $5,400 for the year!

Potential candidates have to consider themselves "slipper connoisseurs" who know the difference between loafers from slide-ons and they also have to be home for extensive periods to actually test out new products.

The position will also run for the next year and if chosen, you'll get to test out new slippers before they become available to the public for about 12 hours for your two days out of the month.

Applications are open until January 31st and candidates will be chosen in March, to apply you can go HERE

(Travel + Leisure)

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