Shopping Finds: Amy's 3 Favorite Things Of The Week (1/29)

I have not been paid to recommend any of these products. Here are three things I'm loving this week! Let's get started...

#1: Derma Rolling (Please read the warning below and try at your own risk.)

!! Before I say anything about these, a warning. *You HAVE to do your research before derma rolling at home!!* Sanitizing has to happen before AND after each use. You can't skip or skimp out on this part or you could get a serious infection. If you're not into a big skincare routine or don't have the time to follow through- this is not for you. !!

That being said...

I'm a week and a 1/2 into my new derma-rolling routine. I do it twice a week. Yes, with sanitizing before and after, it takes some time. I've got a ton of that right now- so what the hell, right?

From what I've read, the smaller needles are better when you're doing it at home, for safety's sake. I use a .25mm roller around my eyes and a .5mm roller on my face, neck and chest.

Here are the links: .25 and .5

How I'm derma rolling (at night only) and the products I'm using...

*Sanitize. Here's the process I use and the product.

*Wash your face really good with a mild cleanser, I use Cetaphil. Dry completely.

*Once your sanitizing is done and your derma roller is dry, apply serum. I'm using this Hyaluronic Acid Serum

*Start rolling! Here's a tutorial video. There are so many online. But this is a dermatologist who is all about safety!

*Apply serum again. It should absorb into your skin shockingly fast :) Apply a moisturizing night cream.

*Sanitize your products again...yes, before you put them back in the case!

You're done!

#2: Dog Booties

Yes, I've become one of THOSE people. I put boots on my dog. It's not for cuteness' sake. Tuffy has arthritis and his paws were bleeding every time I'd throw the ball for him in the snow. I think if he stops running every day, he'll slow down real fast. He needs to be active and that's why he's now the fanciest, three-quarters blind, arthritic, old man on the block...

At first, it was a wrestling match to get these things on. He won the first two rounds but I really rallied in the third and before you know it- he was booted up.

It took him all of 30 seconds outside to realize his feet weren't hurting, he LOVED it! Lately, he's got 6 or 7 throws in him at most. Since he started wearing soles, we're out there for double or triple that every day :)

Here's the link.

#3: Battery Operated Lights For Outdoors

What can I say? These babies run on a timer, they instantly cozy up your outdoor space and they're ridiculously easy to use. I just ordered more for my front porch tree pots.

Here's the link.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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