Why This Hair Scrunchie Could Save Your Life

Pattern of brown scrunchies

There’s a new line of smart jewelry and accessories that may help save your life. InvisaWear launched a collection of bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and scrunchies that have built-in panic buttons, so the wearer can reach out to friends or even 911 when they’re in danger.

The products let you choose a group of contacts who will get an SOS message and your location if you’re in a sketchy situation and need help. And in an emergency, it’ll contact 911 for you without you having to dig around for your phone. InvisaWear co-founder Razia Abdelaziz came up with the idea for the smart accessories after her own scary experience of being harassed and chased by a group of men. She realized she had her phone on her, but couldn’t stop to call for help and she saw the need for safety jewelry.

The line includes:

  • Scrunchies that feature a hidden Velcro pocket where the InvisaWear charm slips in and out, so you can remove it before washing.
  • Athletic bands that you can wear on your wrist or slip on your phone or water bottle and they have a hidden pocket that contains the InvisaWear tech.
  • Keychains in eight different styles, including two designs created specifically for RE/MAX real estate agents who often have to meet up with strangers to show houses.
  • You can also pay $20 bucks a month for a premium service that gives you 24/7 access to an ADT agent - yep, the home security system company. This lets you contact the agent anytime you need to, even if it’s just to have someone to talk to so you feel safer while you’re walking alone to your car at night.


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