The Streaker Made a Whole Lot of Money on the Big Game

Super Bowl LV

It appears the Super Bowl Streaker made out pretty good after his almost-naked field run, Sunday.

There's a story circulating that he may have made the bet of a lifetime. Yuri Andrade says he came up with the idea for the stunt after seeing a prop bet that offered great odds if someone actually ran onto the field during the game. 

Andrade explained the whole thing during a recent interview, saying the gambling website Bovada offered +750 odds ($100 bet pays $750) so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He called up everyone he knew and had them bet on someone storming the field, then he got tickets to the game and recruited a buddy to serve as a decoy.

Andrade says once security was distracted by his pal, he ran onto the field, and the rest is history. In all, he bet $50,000 at 15-to-2 odds before the game that a fan would run onto the field and won over $347,000 after he paid $500 to bail himself out of jail.

Here's the streak, if you missed it...


Getty Images

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