Amy's Basement Bathroom DIY Project: Before & After Pics

Well, it's finally done. Jeff and I finished our biggest DIY project yet!

We have an unfinished basement. It's mostly for storage and laundry BUT a past owner installed a beautiful sauna down there. While there was a basement bathroom, it was unusable.

The toilet didn't flush, the sink didn't run and the shower was filled with crumbly crap. We lovingly referred to it as our "Saw Bathroom" cause it was straight-up out of a horror movie. Here are the before you know I'm not exaggerating!

We had a string holding up the toilet so it wouldn't run. Janky as...

The sauna door and exposed equipment...

As you can see, it was in bad shape!

Now for the "after" pictures.

This isn't a bathroom that'll be used often, as it resides in an unfinished basement. You'll notice the walls are really shiny. We used marine paint to make them water and mildew resistant.

For the shower, we applied two coats of a shower membrane (RedGard), a waterproof primer, then used that same marine paint for the topcoat.

Other than that, new toilet, sink, peel and stick floor tile and a light fixture...this bathroom's usable again!

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