Couples Marriage Improves By Implementing The 3x3 Rule

Marriage and all that comes with it- like raising a family- is stressful. All that stress can cause problems in a couple’s relationship.

One couple's issue have been GREATLY by adopting what’s called the "3x3 rule."

The situation came to a head after the husband decided to take a three-hour nap while the kids were awake. This lead to an argument. That's when the husband suggested they try out the “3x3” rule that his friend, who had seen a marriage counselor, told him about.

The basics of the rule are that each parent gets three hours a week just for themselves. They can be taken in one shot, or broken up, but regardless of when it’s that parent’s time they are left completely alone and can do whatever they want. In addition, the couple also sets aside three hours for them to spend as a couple, doing whatever they want together. 

"For about a month now, we’ve been implementing the new rule in our relationship, and I’m shocked at how much has shifted for us already,” she says, noting that because of it, “all the resentment, that silent cancer that eats away at marriages, has genuinely slipped away." She explains that knowing she has her “me time” scheduled makes her less testy, and keeps her from trying to sneak in some free time because she knows she has some coming.

She adds, “Am I more understanding about my husband’s newborn-level love of midday naps? Absolutely,” joking, “Does it still make me want to turn the vacuum on at full force and ram it into the bedroom door? Also yes. But hey - I’m only human."

Source:The Mirror

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