93% of People Who Challenge a Medical Bill End Up Saving Money

IV bag Full of Money

Medical debt is a real issue for a lot of people. 

Remember this if you ever have a big hospital bill...

A recent study by Lending Tree found that if you try to challenge a medical bill, there's a very good chance you'll be successful.

93% of people who've tried to negotiate a bill either had it reduced to a lesser amount, or dropped altogether.

1 in 3 said they asked for specific things to be removed from their bill. And 1 in 4 just asked flat-out for their bill to be lowered.

The study found 37% of Americans currently owe money on a medical bill. And another 23% have had medical debt in the past. So that's 6 in 10 overall. 

The most common things that lead to it are emergency room visits . . . doctor visits . . . emergency surgery . . . having a baby . . . and having dental bills you can't cover upfront. 

(Lending Tree)

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