Products That Calm An Anxious Dog

This is my dog, Tuffy. He's 13 and his anxiety knows no bounds. Licking, pacing, more licking, more's real.

I came across this Mashable article where the author tested a bunch of anxiety remedies for pups. They reviewed them, giving a pros, cons and overall rating. Here are some of the recommendations...

Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

The Good: Uses pressure points to ease situational anxiety

The Bad: Some dogs won't wear it

The Bottom Line: It could either have zero effect or could make a world of difference — particularly for anxiety caused by specific triggers like fireworks and thunderstorms.

Hyper Pet Licking Mat

The Good: Uses treats to calm

The Bad: Takes time to get ready

The Bottom Line: To my surprise, after some initial trepidation, his love for peanut butter did overtake his suspicion.

Click here to see all the suggestions and reviews.


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