Dermatologist Talks About Skin Care Trends to Avoid

Not all beauty tips are keepers. Dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah says these may even do more harm than good.

DIY Microneedling- I have not only done this at home, I've talked about it on my favorite things blog. I completely understand the point this derm is making. You have to make sure everything is sanitized and use only small needles. Here's what the doctor said...

It’s the process of using a “microneedler” or “dermaroller” to create teeny tiny holes on the surface of the skin, which signal the body to go into repair mode, promoting new collagen and elastin growth which improves the texture and tone of skin. Some TikTokers share techniques for DIYing it, but Dr. Shah says, “Home microneedling is a terrible idea for most people!” Poking tiny holes in your face can lead to irritation, allergy, and infection, so he advises saving this procedure for the spa or dermatologist.

Coffee grounds face scrubs- Some beauty seekers are using their coffee grounds as a DIY scrub they say sloughs dead skin cells and firms up the skin. And Dr. Shah is a fan of using coffee as a face mask because he says “the caffeine can help depuff and improve redness temporarily.” But he warns that coffee scrubs are too harsh for the skin, so use them as a mask - with no scrubbing - or use the scrub on tough body parts, like elbows and feet.

Toothpaste on pimples- Fans say it shrinks spots overnight, but this skincare expert says toothpaste today is missing the ingredient that made this at-home hack popular back in the day. Dr. Shah says toothpaste used to contain triclosan, which had antibacterial properties that may have helped acne. But he says today’s toothpaste doesn’t have triclosan, just ingredients that are ‘not safe for the skin.”

Potatoes on spots- Another breakout fix some TikTokers like? Putting potatoes on pimples, which Dr. Shah says is an old hack. He explains that potatoes contain salicylic acid, which is used in acne treatments and the starches in the spuds can help dry out bumps as well, but the benefits are unproven. Plus, who wants to hold or tape a tater to their face? Instead, he suggests using hydrocolloid pimple patches or good old benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments.


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