Best Day of the Week to Take Your Mental Health Day

Nearly half of us are drained by the end of the workday, according to a survey. Even remote employees feel that way. This is why mental health days off are key. The trick to getting the most out of the mental health day is picking the right one.

Sandwiching it in between two workdays would defeat the purpose, so make it a Monday or Friday. Monday off would set a better tone for the week. While one day won’t give you a full recovery, it will help. Burnout’s no fun, and mental health days are a good way to head them off.

You may be tempted to sit and watch Netflix all day, turn to self-care rituals instead. Reading, meditating, yoga, or a hobby will help. Whatever you do, don’t touch work-related things.

Enjoy your day off and remember why you took it!

Huffington Post

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