Guy Leaves Big Tip to Impress a Date, Gets Caught Trying To Reduce It

Have you ever left a big tip at a restaurant or bar to impress someone? Maybe you regretted it afterward...but would you EVER consider actually trying to TAKE IT BACK?

This guy did.

A server recently shared a story about a customer who did that, and it went viral.

A guy came in and spoiled his date. Ordered expensive stuff, including an entire array of appetizers. When the bill came, he insisted on paying. It came to $289, and he tipped $100. That's generous . . . almost 35%.

Not long after they left, he ran back into the place alone, demanding that they reduce his tip to just $20, which is only 7%. And he was a jerk about it, saying that if it didn't go through correctly, he'd dispute it with his credit card company.

The server obviously wasn't happy, and didn't like being used as part of a SHOW for his date. So she followed him out . . . ran up to his car . . . and tapped on the window.

Then, in front of his date, she said, "Sir, if you want to reduce your tip from $100 to just $20, you'll have to sign a new receipt." She said the date was STUNNED, and the guy was glaring at her. 


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