Have You Heard Of The “20-5-3” Rule?

How much time do you spend outside every day? If you spend at least 20 minutes outside per day, you’ll feel happier!

New research claims that Americans spend 92% of their time indoors thanks to the pandemic, but a new health mentality could help you balance the scales!

Called the “20-5-3 rule” it essentially asks you to spend at least 20 minutes outside for at least three times a week.

The rule also says that every month you should spend at least five hours outside at a park, forested area, or wilder spot to get away from the city and that you should spend three days out of the year off the grid in nature like camping or renting a cabin.

Pretty much attempting these things will help you develop a better sense of self and not have a reliance on your phone or computer for entertainment.

Do you think you could pull it off?

(Men’s Health)

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