Avoid Doing This If You're Showering At Night

We call it a QBR in our house- a quick body rinse. Jump before you go to bed, you wash off the day.

The jury is still out when it comes to deciding what time is the best to shower, either in the morning or at night, but if you do shower at night then you might want to watch the temperature of the water if you're going to bed shortly after!

According to experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep and Wellness, those who shower at night need to make sure they aren't taking too hot or too cold of a shower because it can negatively affect your sleep and make you feel uncomfortable in bed.

The experts recommend you take a warm shower at night, right in the middle of your shower handle settings, one to two hours before bed because it will cool off your body from the day and help you fall asleep faster!

You also could try to make your bed super cool if you like to take hot showers, but we'll let you live your life!


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