How You Can Feel More Satisfied With Your Work

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Here are some habits you can add to your routine to get you to a better place and make work a bit less miserable.

Practice Gratitude. You don’t have to be “thankful just to have a job” like your mom keeps on telling you but you should be more grateful. Performance coach Keith Hodges says to try and simply “be thankful for the opportunity to perform at a high level every day.” This mindset will bring some much-needed positivity back into your life.

Stay Competitive. Start making your own performance goals and celebrating your victories. Hodges says people that make this a habit “usually have the highest performance in a professional environment.” Competing with yourself is a great way to build your confidence and boost your satisfaction at the same time.

Embrace Failure And Feedback. Just remember, no matter how crappy the job, you’re still learning. Take on some bigger challenges and don’t be afraid to fail. It will spice things up and at the very least, give you something to write into your resume if you really decide to leave this gig.

Celebrate Others. If patting yourself on the back doesn’t sound like something you’re into, start becoming your coworkers’ biggest cheerleaders. Hodges says to “celebrate others’ success as if they were yours.” Who knows. Maybe they’ll start returning the favor.

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