Thomas Rhett Has Three Fears

If you check out Thomas Rhett's Instagram you'll see shots of him fishing and hunting. But you'll be hard-pressed to find him posing with the creepy-crawlies. Somebody asked about his fears and phobias.

He said, quote, "I have a few . . . I don't know if they're strange fears, but they're intense fears. I really, really do not like spiders at all. I can handle a small one, but anything a bit bigger than that I can't really deal with it. I don't like roaches either."

So I guess if one of his three daughters needs a hero to remove a spider, they call their mom, Lauren. And if they have a scary nightmare, same thing.

He adds, quote, "I really don't like to be in the dark by myself. I usually sleep with the TV on when I'm sleeping by myself."

Getty Images

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