Shopping Finds: Amy's 3 Favorite Things Of The Week (8/6)

I have not been paid to recommend any of these products. Here are three things I'm loving this week! Let's get started...

1) Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt

I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to try it this weekend! Judging by the reviews, a lot of skin will be shed. I also got a face version in the same brand. LINK

2) Some Vintage-Insprired Goblets from...Walmart?!

Yes, Walmart. I found these gems (in a plum tone) in The Pioneer Woman Collection. We'll be using them as wine glasses at our house and they'll be the pop of color on the table at my Mom's 65th birthday dinner. At under $18 for a set of 4, you can't find a better deal. I looked...everywhere :) LINK

3) Bluetooth Wireless Headphones That Cost Less Than $17

I've had these for a week now.

They're waterproof, they're wireless, they stay in my ears (that's saying a lot because I'm a sweaty runner) and they're less than $17...who could ask for anything more?!? LINK

That's all for this week. Happy Shopping!

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