Weekend Morning Mistakes That Mess Up Your Week

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Are you so exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around that all you want to do is sleep and socialize? Lots of us are feeling this, especially with burnout at an all-time high in the U.S.

But the thing is, how we spend our weekends can set the tone for the rest of the week.

And it turns out, a lot of the things we do to relax and unwind on our days off could actually have a negative impact on our work week.These are the weekend habits to avoid and how to create a healthy morning routine that will set you up for a successful week.

  • Sleeping too late- Many sleep-deprived souls spend their weekend trying to catch up on sleep, but experts warn that snoozing way past your usual wake up time can actually lead to more overall fatigue. Not getting up around the same time every day messes with your body clock and sleeping in for hours and hours can keep you from getting to sleep on time that night, leading to more fatigue overall.
  • Not hydrating first thing- Start sipping water, even if you’re not thirsty, to help stay hydrated throughout the day. Health coach Debra Swan says it’s best if coffee isn’t the first liquid you have in the morning, especially after a night of drinking.
  • Not being accountable to someone or something- During the week, work drags us out of bed and helps us stick to our routines. Kids can help keep that same sense of accountability on weekend mornings, but if you don’t have them to get you up and moving, having a workout class to go to or a coffee date with a friend can help build accountability into your routine so you don’t sleep until noon.
  • Not prepping for the week ahead- Relaxing on the weekend is important, but if eating healthy during the week is one of your goals, using some time on your days off to prep and plan can help. Weekdays are hectic, so finding recipes you want to try, making sure you have the ingredients and doing prep work on the weekend will help make sure you actually cook healthy meals all week, not order pizza again.
  • Not getting outside- Get a little fresh air and sunshine - especially shortly after you get out of bed because bright light tells your brain it’s time to wake up. Spending time outdoors comes with health benefits, including people saying they feel better overall afterwards and research finds morning light exposure can lead to better rest at night, too.

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