Costco Now Has A Purchasing Limit on These Items!

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HEADS UP!!! If you're planning on making a Costco run this week, there are some items that are being LIMITED.

Part of the reason there is a purchasing limit on items is because of supply issues another is because of a members-only sale going on through August 29th. The limit is on things like:

  • Kirkland Signature diapers capped at two boxes per size.
  • Women's bike shorts are limited to 10 per customer.
  • Coleman temperature control tumbler cups and OXO plastic containers are limited to five
  • Kirkland beauty wipes are limited to five boxes.
  • Snacks have been limited too including: Peanut butter, Eggos, Frito-Lay chip variety boxes, Goldfish, and Veggie Straws


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