Ever Wonder Why Baby Carrots Are Always Wet?

Dish of baby carrots

Photo: Westend61

You've probably noticed that there are three main differences between regular carrots and baby carrots. Baby carrots are smaller, they often come in a bag and they're almost always WET.

Which begs the question, why are they always so wet?

Well, the experts at Dollar Shave Club looked into it (???) and it all goes back to how they're made.

Baby carrots do not pop out of the ground as little stubs. Instead, they're created from regular carrots that are too unattractive to sell. Those ugly carrots are cut into chunks, and put into a "polishing drum" that uses water to whittle them down.

So that's PART of the reason. Water is also added to the bag before it's sealed to keep them moist. That's because baby carrots lose their skin while they're being smoothed out, and that makes them VERY vulnerable to drying out. 

If you've ever left them sitting out, you know they get dry, and a white film forms on them. That white film IS safe to eat, by the way. 

(Mental Floss/Dollar Shave Club)

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