Your Pet's Got a Love Language. Here's How To Tell What It Is...

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You've probably heard of the Five Love Languages. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote The Five Love Languages in which it explains how a person shows and receives loves. There are 5 types: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch or quality time.

Did you know that your pet has a love language too? Here's how to tell your pets love language:

Words of Affirmation

If your pet gets excited every time you tell them "I love you" or "good boy/girl" then their love language is words of affirmation. Like humans these pets like hearing compliments and words of encouragement. They might even be vocal back to you by purring or barking!

Acts of Service

These pets love when you do things for them. That could be filling their water/food bowl, wiping their paws, taking them outside, etc.

Receiving Gifts

These pets enjoy getting treats or receiving a new chew toy to play with. They also show their love by giving gifts to their owners too, even if it's not something you want.

Quality Time

These pets don't love when you leave the house, they usually go crazy when you return. They love going on long walks or following you around the house.

Physical Touch

These pets love when you scratch behind their ears, rub their belly or join in on a good snuggle. They might also want to lay in your lap, give you lots of kissed and ask for pets.

And like people, you pet can have more than one love language! What is your pet's love language?


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