Days Of The Week You're Most Likely To Get Packages Stolen Off Your Porch

This is good to know as we start ordering stuff for the holidays...

A study on PORCH PIRATES looked at the days of the week you're most likely to have a package stolen. And you're most at risk on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

More packages are stolen on Mondays than any other day of the week, but Tuesday is a close second. Wednesday and Sunday are next. And the day it's LEAST likely to happen is Saturday.

56% of people who've had a package stolen said it happened in the afternoon. Evening is next at 34%, then the morning, 33% and at night, 11%. (People could pick multiple answers, which is why it adds up to over 100%.)

They also found people in cities are more at risk, and apartments get hit more than houses.

The average porch pirate victim has had THREE packages stolen, worth a total of $165. And two of those thefts happened during the pandemic. 


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