Three Myths About People Who Work Remotely

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Working from home has been a reality for many of us for some time. Many have adapted to remote work, but there are a lot of assumptions about remote workers. A LOT of them are not true, and there are three very common myths that are exactly that - MYTHS. Like these:

In-office work is inherently superior because it leads to chance conversations that generate collaboration and ideas.

There are actually two researchers who, studying a couple of Fortune 500 companies, found that electronic interactions increased while face-to-face interactions dropped by 70%.

Remote workers are less committed to their jobs.

Studies have found that working remotely actually increases employee’s commitment to the job. It also found that marginalized workers took the opportunity to stay remote as the only reason to keep them at their jobs.

People who work from home won’t work as hard as in-office employees.

A study by Mercer found that 67% of employee productivity was the same while at home and 27% was even recorded as higher than before the pandemic.

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