A Haunted House Actor Accidentally Stabbed a Child in the Foot

Costumed Kids Trick or Treat at Halloween Haunted House

Photo: Getty Images

Haunted houses are already opening up for Halloween. But maybe wait until they've worked out all the kinks . . .

An 11-year-old kid in Ohio went to a haunted house near Cleveland with his mom last weekend. And one of the actors accidentally STABBED him in the foot. But thankfully, it wasn't serious.

The kid and his mom were going through the haunted house when a 22-year-old actor tried to scare them by scraping a real BOWIE KNIFE across the ground.

Then he started stabbing the knife into the ground near the kid's feet, and unfortunately got a little too close.

He ended up stabbing the knife through the kid's Croc and cut his toe. But it only nicked him.

They bandaged him up. And here's how much this kid loves Halloween: He insisted on FINISHING the haunted house.

The actor admitted using a real knife was a bad idea. But police determined it was an accident, and the kid's mom did not want to press charges. 

Look at the knife...


Getty Images

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