Guy Builds a Rotating House for His Wife Who Wants Better Views

Give this guy credit for starting a project and sticking with it. But wouldn't it have been a whole lot cheaper to just add more windows?

A 72-year-old guy in Bosnia and Herzegovina says he was sick of his wife complaining about the views from their house. So he built her a new house that ROTATES 360 degrees.

It's built on top of a contraption he engineered that rotates the entire building all at once. So the house itself hovers about two feet off the ground.

He says his wife can sit in one spot now, and rotate the house if she gets bored with what she's looking at, or wants more sun. So she can be looking at a river one minute, and then rotate the house to watch the sunset if she wants to.

She also has the option to make it spin slow or fast. It can do a full turn every 24 hours. Or if she wants a thrill, its top speed is a full rotation every 22 SECONDS. (I'm getting dizzy just thinking about this.)

The husband says he did all the engineering and construction himself, because he's retired and had the time. It took him about SIX YEARS from start to finish. 

(AP/NY Post)

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