Travel Expert Reveals How To Get A Full Row of Seats to Yourself on Plane

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Isn't it the best when you can get a whole row of airplane seats to yourself??

It's poor man's first class. But there is a way to make it happen, with a little strategy and a lot of luck!

Chelsea Dickenson, who shares AMAZING travel advice on, shared her tricks for increasing your chances of getting extra room on a flight.

1.) If you're traveling as a pair, avoid booking your seats next to each other. Chelsea says you should opt for an empty row & book the window AND the aisle seat. People are less likely to select a middle seat between to strangers. This increases your chance of getting the whole row. She also says that you can use the same hack if you're traveling alone by booking the middle seat & hope that other passengers avoid either side of you, but that's a little more risky.

**Obviously, this depends on how FULL the plan is. If it's not fully booked, you might be in the clear.

2.) Play on people's superstitions. Chelsea says you can book your seat in row 13 and hope that others on the flight are superstitious of the number and stay away from booking that seat.

3.) People tend to want to book closer to the front of the plan, so choosing something in the back might increase your chances of getting more room.

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