Zac Brown Challenged Jason Aldean To A Slap Fight

Forget concerts, festivals, or awards shows, THIS is something I'd wait in line AND pay top dollar to see live. Zac Brown is challenging Jason Aldean to a slap fight. He has NO beef with Jason, though.

Zac's a huge MMA fan and he was asked if he'd ever consider getting in the ring. He said, quote, "I want to do slap fights. You just stand there and slap each other. I want to challenge Jason Aldean to a slap fight, and we'll do it all for charity.”

Why Jason? Quote, "He's just a Southern boy, I think he might be game to do it. 

"I've been to his house before, I hung out there one time a long time ago, [but] I was watching these slap fights and I thought it would be pretty fun for people to watch us both get slapped."

Getty Images

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