Sealed Copy of 'Super Mario Bros. 2' Sold for $88,550

If you're debating about getting rid of some of your childhood toys and video games then this might be proof that you need to hold onto them a little longer because a copy of Super Mario Bros. 2 just sold for $88,550!

An auction house in Indiana just handled an estate sale that featured a sealed copy of the 1988 video game that workers found in a box of other Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games in a closet that looked like it hadn't been touched in years.

The unopened game was examined by experts and given a rating of 9.8 A+, meaning it is in "near-mint condition" and worth a TON of money. The winning bid was by a Florida businessman who you know is probably going to try and get more money for it after finding its real value.

Just goes to show that you might want to hold onto your old things just in case you played with a gold mine back in the day!.


Getty Images

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