People Share the Funniest Things They Believed as a Child

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When we're young, it’s easy to believe things we hear from grownups, authority figures, and even the media. When we finally find out the truth we can feel really dumb. Well, now people are sharing those instances.

A new Reddit thread asked folks “What is the stupidest thing you believed as a child?” and plenty of people gladly chimed in.

Revelations include:

  • “That adults knew what they were doing.”
  • “The world used to be in black and white due to watching old films.”
  • “When you reach Grandma's age, you gain the magical ability to remove and reinsert your teeth at will.”
  • “Thanks to the lie told to me by my cheapskate mother, I believed for many years that when the ice cream van played its music it meant that all the ice cream was finished...”
  • “Steel wool comes from sheep that graze in iron-rich pastures.”
  • “I thought adults were called humans. I told my mom once, "I wish I was a human so I could get the mail." Cracks me up to this day.”
  • “After watching Pinocchio I was convinced my nose would grow if I told a lie. Needless to say I (didn’t) talk at all for a few months.”
  • “All dogs are boys and all cats are girls.”
  • “Woman don't poop. Till almost the end of high school.”
  • “Drinking and driving referred to all drinks. Used to be so scared when my parents had a soda or something.”
  • “The watermelon seed that you ate would end up growing into an actual watermelon.”
  • “That there really was a chemical that would change colors and stick to me if I peed in the neighbor’s pool. I was (bleeping) terrified of this.”


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