The Numbers: When People Start Decorating For Christmas. Where Are You?

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I started making a Christmas, window hanging last night. When I was done, I didn't take it down. I've also wrapped eight Christmas presents. While I haven't brought the trees up from the basement, I want to. Maybe this weekend? When do you start decorating for Christmas?

Some people break out the Christmas decorations the minute the Halloween is over. But not everyone thinks it’s appropriate to start decorating for the holidays so early. I say that you should live your life and decorate whenever you want. It's your damn house.

Here's how Americans go about putting up their holiday decor...

Well, a new YouGov poll finds:

  • For most people, the right time to start decorating for the holidays is the day after Thanksgiving.
  • 24% of Americans start decorating on the day after Thanksgiving.
  • For 23% it may not be the immediate day after Thanksgiving, but it is after Turkey day but before December 1st.
  • But there are those who decorate later…and even earlier.
    • 16% decorate early December
    • 15% decorate mid-November
    • 9% decorate early November
    • 4% decorate on Thanksgiving
    • 4% decorate mid-December.
    • 2% actually decorate before Halloween
    • And 1% wait until a week before Christmas to decorate

But are most people ready to embrace the holiday season as early as November? Well, the answer is…kinda.

  • 19% of people say they are open to seeing holiday decorations as early as mid-November.
  • Another 19% say they’re ready for them on the day after Thanksgiving.
  • 14% are even okay with seeing them in early November.
  • 10% would prefer to wait until early December, with 2% not ready for them until mid-December.
  • And believe it or not, 5% are okay with Xmas décor popping up either before or on Halloween.

As for how they are decorating:

  • 72% will decorate the inside of their homes
  • 43% will decorate their yards and exteriors
  • 22% will spend between $20 and $40 on holiday decorations
  • 20% will spend between $81 and $100

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