The Pandemic Has Changed What Singles Are Looking For In A Partner

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Hot is not enough.’s new Singles in America survey is out -- and it seems the pandemic changed some things. One of the biggest findings is that emotional connection is more important to singles than physical attractiveness. So what are singles looking for in a mate?

  • 84% want someone they can trust and confide in 
  • 84% want someone they can communicate their wants and needs to
  • 84% want someone that can make them laugh
  • 83% want someone open-minded and accepting of differences 
  • 83% want someone emotionally mature 
  • 82% want someone comfortable with their sexuality
  • 80% want someone who has a life of their own
  • 79% want someone confident and self-assured
  • 78% want someone physically attractive (it was 90% in 2020)

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