Woman Quits Her Job With A "Sorry For Your Loss" Card

Quitting your job can be an anxiety-filled task because you obviously don't want to completely burn bridges, but you also want to get the heck of out there, but this woman might have found the best way to quit without dealing with anyone - sending them a "sorry for your loss" card.

This woman is going viral on Reddit after she told the thread she was tired of being treated poorly at her job so she handed her boss the card and proceeded to leave the building to never return.

Inside the card the woman wrote "It's me, I leave in two weeks" and it's probably the ULTIMATE way we've seen someone leave their job.

Luckily, the woman already had a different job lined up because her boss didn't have the best reaction to the card, but if you're looking for the funniest way to quit your job then this might be it!


Getty Images

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