10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Love

Secret Santa is a common way for work offices and small groups to celebrate the holiday season together. However, there’s also this awkward pressure that surrounds Secret Santa gifts.

It’s possible you know truly NOTHING about your co-workers besides how fast they are at responding to emails or what kind of leftovers they bring to work. Typically, it’s best to be generic…but if you’re looking for ways to be the best gift-giver in the room check out this list of ideas curated by Bustle:

  1. To-Go Wine Glass
  2. Streaming Stick
  3. Food Gift Box i.e. Daily Harvest, Hello Fresh
  4. Candle Set
  5. Portable Travel Pillow
  6. Instant Camera
  7. Chic Phone Case
  8. Weighted Blanket
  9. Bottle of Alcohol
  10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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