Five Unhealthy Thanksgiving Habits To Avoid

Small girl having fun while about to bite a roasted turkey on Thanksgiving.

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Research reveals the average Thanksgiving meal packs more than 3-thousand calories and 150-grams of fat. That’s the calorie equivalent of more than eight glazed chocolate doughnuts, so no wonder our pants feel tight afterward.

If you want to enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday without overdoing it, registered dietitian Julie Upton shares some things to avoid:

  • Skipping breakfast- You may think you’re saving calories by not eating the first meal on Thanksgiving day, but it could lead to you eating more during the entire day. A breakfast with whole grains and protein can help keep you full and keep cravings at bay.
  • Drinking too much- The holidays can be the booziest time of the year and all those cocktails add up to a lot of extra calories and sugar, plus alcohol can stimulate your appetite and reduce inhibitions. And that could lead to trouble with all that leftover pie.
  • Following holiday recipes exactly- Making a few substitutions can shave a lot of calories and sugar off some traditional recipes without sacrificing flavor. Some easy ones are swapping nonfat plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and using extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.
  • Not having a holiday meal game plan- This nutrition expert advises filling your plate with the healthiest foods first, then adding more decadent treats, so you’re sure to eat plenty of more nutritious foods.
  • Skimping on sleep- Studies show that lack of sleep can boost your hunger hormones and cravings, which can lead to overeating. Even though your holiday schedule may be hectic and stress levels may be high, do your best to get your optimal hours of sleep so you feel your best and you may eat healthier, too.

Eat This, Not That

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