The World's Loudest Burp Record Has Been Broken. Hear It.

Back in 2009, a guy in the U.K. named Paul Hunn set a record for world's LOUDEST BURP, 109.9 decibels. That's as loud as a jackhammer. And his record's stood for over a decade, until NOW.

A 51-year-old guy in Australia named Neville Sharp says his wife recognized his talents as a burper and encouraged him to go for the record. So he's been honing his skills for the past five years, and just set a new record.

Guinness just recognized it as the loudest burp ever produced by a human . . . 112.4 decibels. He actually broke it twice. His first one was 110 on the dot. 

Neville thanked his wife for all her coaching, and also gave credit to his big sister Sandie, who taught him how to burp when he was six years old. 

Fun fact. The record for loudest burp by a woman is 107 decibels. A lady in Italy did it in 2009.

Getty Images

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